Monday, October 12, 2009

Open HousE DonE WeLL !!

Alhamdulillah everythings went weLL
Totally thanxx to my Lovely Husband, he managed all very nice n perfect for the majlis.
We r so happy to meet them.
my officemate, my K.L office fren, my husband frens USM n OSRAM Office, his badminton frens and also our darling Nadzrin's fren.
Our last guest came at 10.00pm and the PENUTUP at 11.00pm :D

We r the person whu enjoy n reaLLy happy of the day
Thanx for coming aLL !

* sorry sbb tak sempat nak snap pic banyak2 cuz we r so busy with all the tetamu. awal awal je bole then start busy, but my husband sempat record thru V-camera je

weLL DonE !!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

during SyawaL 2009

1st SyawaL 2009

2nd SyawaL 2009
was in Shah Alam

This is my A.T.O.K
i love my atok
-cucu atoK-